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Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga


Yoga Improves us Mentally, Physically & Spiritually (Purify as a whole)

§  Yoga Brings Harmony with our self and our environment, we have to integrate the body, the mind, and the spirit.

§  Yoga improves circulation; stimulate the all organs, resulting to better health, balance mind.

§  In Yoga & Meditation, we bring the activities of the mind to focus resulting in a “quiet position” and “peaceful ”mind.

§  Yoga increases the bearing power, self confidence, concentration, working power capacity.

§  Yoga gives flexible body.

§  All glands secrete in their secretions in controlled form .

§  It affects the internal organs also. The body & mind development will be in a uniform way to develop the humanity. It is better to teach yoga in childhood nearly at age of five years, which helps to develop balanced physical & mental personality.

§  Yoga removes the exhaustion of mind & body giving refresh glowing face.

§  Another misconception is that Yoga is an exercise, a way for us to keep fit. It is partly true, but if you think that Yoga is just that then you are greatly mistaken. Yoga develops the body since a weak one is a hindrance to spiritual growth. It does not simply focus on the physical but on the mental and spiritual aspects as well.


§  Yoga is not a religion. It is more of a set of techniques for us to find spirituality. In fact, Yoga is being practiced by a lot of people from different religions.


YOGA can be utilized as therapeutic purpose for treatment of every kind of Disease

§  Exact and accurate yoga in necessary to extract out the benefit of yoga.

§  You have to learn how to extract out the benefit from each &every steps.

§  Do accurate posture with full concentration on the affected body parts.

§  Exhale while contracting muscles. It will help to remove toxins, excessive   

§  deposition from the affected body organs.

§  - Inhalation while relaxing muscles which carry oxygen, environmental energy to the exact   locations.


a) Learn Yoga Accurately in expert guidance.

b)  Do it accurately.

c)  Feel yoga that you have done it accurately or not. Find out

      the mistakes & purify all kriyas. 

d) Then only you can feel the exact effect of it.