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What is Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy

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The homoeopathic medicines are prepared from a wide range of natural sources. Over 75% of the medicines origin from the vegetable kingdom, i.e. flowers, roots, leaves and the juice. Certain chemicals and minerals are also used to prepare certain medicines (for example sulphuric acid, nitric acid). Most of the minerals and metals are used as a source of medicine, such as gold, silver, zinc, tin, iron and so on.

Some microbes, bacteria, virus are also used to prepare a special group of medicines (called Nosode), for instance, influenza virus, bacteria which produce tuberculosis, etc. Some body secretion such as the hormones (thyroid hormone, for instance) also find place in the wide source- place. Animal kingdom has a special place in the homoeopathy pharmacy and homoeopathy medicines are prepared from the animal sources almost in an non-violent technique. Some insects such as Spanish fly (Apis Mellifica) and certain animal products such as the venom of Cobra snake are used in unique manner.

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