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Adavantages of Homeopathy

Adavantages of Homeopathy



The biggest advantage of Homeopathy is that irrespective of the number of organs or systems involved, only a single remedy needs to be given at a time, termed the ‘similimum' or the constitutional remedy that covers the entire case. Homeopathic remedies are easy to take with no special dietary or lifestyle restrictions, unless a particular disease calls for them.

Additionally, Homeopathy is against animal testing as this tends to harm them irrevocably or kills them. Homeopathic remedies, being infinitesimally small doses, are absolutely safe and therefore directly tested on healthy human beings through a scientific process called drug proving. Another benefit is that while animal testing only provides information about structural pathologies, homeopathic drug proving enables recording of even mental and emotional symptoms.


Homoeopathy is a Natural Treatment  


Majority of homeopathy medicines are herbs. Some are from natural minerals and some are from natural substances. They are prepared by a special process of step by step dilutions and succussions (shaking) which makes them capable of effecting in much deeper way than the remedy could do without this process. Some drugs are prepared from natural disease products and poisons which are prepared according to homeopathic procedures and their pathogenic effects are removed.



Homoeopathy Medicines are very effective and acts gently


Homeopathy is very gentle and effective system of medicines. Since there are minute/ nano doses are used it does not leave any harmful effect on body. Homeopathy in fact, is the only system of medicines which offers curative treatment (not palliative) to a large number of chronic ailments which have been labeled as 'incurable' by other school of medicines. In acute ailments also, homeopathic remedy if selected properly give results faster than any other system of medicines.


Effective, safe and gentle treatment 

The curative effects and the symptomatology of every homeopathic medicine are proven only on healthy human beings, not rats and rabbits, making homeopathy uniquely reliable. Homeopathic medicines are prepared by the process of dynamization, in which, the original medicinal substance, irrespective of its nature whether inert or toxic initially, undergoes serial dilutions with constant friction so as to liberate its healing bioenergies whilst getting rid of its ability to produce any side-effects. Being infinitesimally small doses, these medicines do not produce any adverse reactions even when taken for prolonged periods of time and can therefore be safely given even to babies, children, pregnant ladies and elderly people. 



Homoeopathy gives Permanent Cure


Homeopathy gives long lasting to permanant cure.Homeopathy find out the fundamental cause of the problem and makes their treatment plan to eliminate that problem. In chronic cases medicines act layer by layer and system by system, from within to outwards and from most important organ to less important organ/system which is called as Herring’s law of cure.


Homoeopathy is non-toxic



As you can see that the special method of homeopathic medicines renders them absolute free from any toxic substance in it. The medicines thus are absolutely safe and free from any side effects. They are safe for even babies and pregnant women.

Unlike other medicines homeopathy medicines usually does not have any side effects. Their ability to cause structural damage is nil. The reason for this is the homeopathic medicines act by stimulating the body's own defense mechanism and healing power. They do not have any chemical action, so they do not have the potential to cause any sustained damage. The doses are given in sub-physiological quantities. The very minute doses act through nerve endings and by acting body's defense and self-healing mechanism. There is no chance of causing any side effects on the body. unlike antibiotics homeopathic medicines do not disturb digestive system nor they do lower immune system ( body's defense mechanism ) so they can be given to children, infants, even to pregnant and nursing women without worrying about the dosage. Safe for everyone because these medicines are proved on healthy human beings not on guinea pigs or rats. Healthy human beings can tell their mental state or psychological symptoms while proving which we cannot get from guinea pig or rats. Homeopathic medicines can be given along with any other conventional method of treatment without any hindrance to the action of other system of medicine. It will help to reduce the doses of other system of medicines because now they can act better due to the increase in resistance of body and mind by homeopathy medicines. It can help to withdraw habit forming drugs and continuous treatment drugs for chronic diseases.



Homoeopathy medicines are convenient and easy to administer/Child-friendly 


Homeopathic medicines are usually dispensed as sweet sugar pills, which are very easy to take for children. Since homeopathy helps to improve immunity in children, its dual role in managing current problems as well as improving immune system and protecting them from future diseases is a boon for parents. The effect of homeopathy medicine is best seen in children. When children are put on homeopathy medication it allows the child too.


Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that assists the natural tendency of the human body to heal itself.  Homeopathic medicines being easy to administer, sweet to taste, non-invasive and free of side-effects are extremely convenient for the patient and therefore command better patient compliance. They are absolutely safe even if taken for prolonged periods of time. Unlike other medical systems where many drugs need to be administered to treat multiple symptoms in a single patient, Homeopathy advocates the administration of a single remedy called the similimum that is capable of treating all the disease symptoms in a particular patient. It is a subtle yet effective therapy that can correct small imbalances long before the appearance of the more serious symptoms that indicate the onset of a particular disease. The doctor-patient relationship is vital in Homeopathy, where the homeopath becomes a friend, philosopher, Psychologist and guide to the patient, a healer as well as a preserver of good health


Suitable for all age group



Homeopathy is friendly to children (as mentioned before) , young and old Many conventional drugs are ineffective in older people but Homeopathy is. In fact, Homeopathy acts well in many old age conditions like prostatic hypertrophy, senile dementia, senile balance disorder etc. Unlike some conventional drugs having effect on the hormonal system of adults, homeopathy does not have such effect.



Surgery can be avoided in lots of surgical cases


In lots of cases homeopathy can avoid surgery i.e surgical cases like Tosillitis , Adenoid, Renal Calculi, Benign prostatic hypertrophy, Ovarian cyst, uterine fibroids, Haemorrhoids, fissures, warts, can be cured by homeopathic medicines only without surgery. Neverthless if the disease is more advanced, homeopathy has less scope and homeopaths refer such cases to surgeons. Homeopathy has role in surgical cases also that is pre-surgical and post-surgical care. A variety of medicines are given for every stage of pregnancy for many complaints and complications.



Homoeopathy helps to induce NORMAL DELIVERIES with Antenatal and Postnatal care


Cost-effective treatment


Homeopathic treatment is extremely cost-effective in the long run especially keeping in mind that treatment is sought for chronic diseases that need long-term treatment. Homeopathy believes in employing a single remedy, in minimum dose and minimal repetition when treating any patient. Since homeopathic medicines are prepared by serial dilutions, a miniscule amount of the original medicinal substance is required when manufacturing the medicines. Additionally, since only a few drops of the medicine are used to medicate the sugar globules, preparation costs are also low. Homeopathic medicines are therefore inexpensive as compared to medicines from the other medical systems. Moreover, Homeopathy also obviates the need for surgery in a number of conditions such as warts, piles, fissures, tonsillitis, ovarian cysts and kidney stones for which patient may otherwise have to pay up a lot for conventional treatment methods.


Homeopathic treatment is cost-effective. Many comparative analyses have found that it is much less than leading medical systems like allopathic and ayurveda. There is little stress on costly diagnostic procedures as homeopaths rely on the symptoms to find out the medicine for a person. Maximum diagnosis is done by symptoms and inspection via torch,stethoscope,hammer etc. Other costly procedures are either done for confirmation in a few cases or make money (greed). One has to think of long-tem gains. Under proper homeopathic medication not only the person's immediate complaints improve but also his / her susceptibility to disease decreases as there is a general improvement in health. So in the long run there is better health. Less medical consultation and the cumulative cost is very low. Even otherwise, hasn't some wise man said.....'' HEALTH IS THE REAL WEALTH ''.