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Develop Gentle Personality

Develop Gentle Personality



       1-Reduce Anger. Avoid aggressive behavior by which we tend to  

           over-react to Situations.

 2-Reduce Rash, Abusive, and violent language. Soft, mild gentle 

     Language is to be used.

      3- Respect is always prior and superior to Love.                                                                              

       4- Reduce stress by any means, by any way.

       5- Reduce Talking, Listen More. Always smile.

       6- Forgive Everyone.

       7- Reduce Desires.Minimise your requirements.

       8- Neglect Things which are beyond your control. Leave it on


       9- Do not interfere; do not give Advises & Ideas without asking.

       10-Do not talk bad for others. Leave it to his own KARMAS.

       11-Do not do self praise with high proud.

       12-Do not have demands from GOD always. ONLY PRAY GOD


       13-Avoid Criticism. Try to promote everyone.

       14-Follow anything to an extent only, till it start affecting you

            Mentally, physically or breaks your daily routines.

       15-Do not have expectations from others.

       16-Be realistic about your relationships with family members,

            Colleagues & friends.  Do not expect everyone to be like you,

             Think like you or Share your opinion.

       17-Improve communication. Find time for your loved ones.

       18-Find something in life to elevate your spirit. Some hobbies can


       19-Accept the person as he is with his negatives & positives. Do

            not force to change others views.

       20- Do not talk freely or friendly to everyone. It may cause

             Many Misunderstandings to others.

       21- Find out your own mistakes & rememorize at night.

             Find the solution for not to repeat the mistakes on other

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