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Goal of Yoga

Goal of Yoga


The goal of yoga is achieving Moksha, which is liberation from all worldly suffering and the cycle of birth and death, and to unite with super spirit PARAM-AATMA.

If Ashthang Yoga is followed accurately for 12 years in 8 stages, the yogi will get Siddhis which are miraculous powers, spiritual powers, supernatural powers, magical powers, psychic powers, super human powers, super sensory phenomena, extrasensory perceptions, and so on. These are in fact divine powers which can be manifested by any living being who has obtained mastery over the forces of the creation or nature through special training and practice of yoga.

Siddhis - are mentioned to be eighteen in number. Of them, the eight are known as major and the remaining are considered minor.

The eight principle Sidhis are as follows:

  • ANIMA -The power to assume form as small as atom.
  • MAHIMA -The power to assume form as large as mountain.
  • LAGHIMA- The power to assume form as light in weight as air.
  • GARIMA -The power to assume form as heavy in weight as the Earth.
  • PRAAPTI -The power to attain anything desired.
  • VASHITA -The power to bring all senses under one's control.
  • PRAKAMYA -The power to have unhampered will.
  • ISHITA -The power of lordliness.

The minor Siddhis are namely the power to be immune from hunger and thirst (ANOORAM), to hear from a far ( DOOR SHRAVAN), to see from a far ( DOOR DARSHAN ), to travel fast like thoughts( MANOVEG ) , to assume any desired form ( KAAMROOP ), to enter into another's body ( PARKAAYA PRAVESH ), to die at one's own will ( SAHE MRATYAA ), to enjoy meeting with gods ( SURKAREERAA ), the fulfillment of desires ( SANKALP SIDHI ), and to go anywhere unobstructed ( APRATIHAT GAT )