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Methods of Chanting of Om

Methods of Chanting of Om



          Improve mentally, physically & spiritually (PURIFY AS A WHOLE)


  •                              Chanting of OM

    1- Divide your breath in three parts & concentrate in division

      • A- First part says Aooooooo
      • B - Second Part Say Ooooooo
      • C – Third Part Say Mmmmmm

    2- Concentrate at WORD OM or OM PARVAT while chanting of OM

    3 – Concentrate in WRITING OF OM SLOWLY

    4 – Concentrate at organs creating voice of OM. Create vibrations & feel.

      • A - Aoooo - feel vibration at throat pit, vocal cord, and larynx.
      • B - Ooooo - Feel vibration at buccal Cavity and cheeks
      • C - Mmmmm – Feel vibration on lips.

    These organs are activated, refreshed with good blood supply.

    Diseases like Tonsillitis , Throat infection , Bad breath, Acnes on face , Sunken face will improve with Glow on face.

    5 - Concentrate, pour deep with loud voice & feeling of vibration.

      • A - Aoooo – at stomach, epigastrium.
      • B -  Ooooo – at chest.
      • C - Mmmm – at Head, vertex, crown of head.

     Activate stomach, heart, lungs and brain

  • 6 - More vibration with very less sound which is to be poured inside the body.

    7 - Vibration with sound of Mmmmmmm with closed mouth with silent chanting of OM Like in brahamri Pranayam.

    8 - Say OM silently while inhalation & Say OM silently while exhalation.

    9 - Say OM while concentrating in all chakras i.e. Mooladhar chakra , Swadhisthan chakra Manipurank Chakra , Anahat Chakra, Vishudhi Chakra , Agya Chakra , Sahastra Chakra or Bhramrandra.

    10 - Say OM while concentrating on whole spine from down to upward from Coccyx, Sacrum, Lumbar, Thoracic, Cervical, Mid brain, Cerebrum.

    11 – Say OM with chest breathing.

    12 – Say OM with abdomen breathing.

    13 – Say OM with chest abdomen breathing.

    14 – Say OM with Abdomen chest breathing. 

    15 – Say OM with tribandh mudra in the end of OM.