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Sudarshan Chakra Meditation

Sudarshan Chakra Meditation


  Is the entry & exit steps for meditation



            1-  Relaxed Breathing

            2-  Balanced Breathing

            3-  Spiritual Breathing

            4-  Meditational Breathing

            5-  Meditation



            5-  Meditation

            4-  Meditational Breathing

            3-  Spiritual Breathing

            2-  Balanced Breathing

           1-  Relaxed Breathing



1) RELAXED BREATHING –  Slow, deep, Gentle, Continuous & Long breathing.


A) Slow Breathing – Not Quick, Not hasty. Gives you comfortableness, quietness and relaxation. calmness,tranquility,patience,Removing hurriedness, anxiety and restlessness and gives patience.

b) Deep Breathing – Extending far down fully absorbed inside all Organs. Good blood & oxygen supply with extreme touch to all tissues nourishing to each & every cell of the body. Sluggish organs can be activated to do there accurate functions. Dullness can be removed giving active mind and body. Person can think and understand deeply but without strain.

c) Gentle Breathing – Smooth breathing without strain. Not rough or severe .With good amount of comfort. It gives mild, kind, gentle and polite nature. It gives patience with honorable characteristics as a gentleman or gentlewoman. Roughness and rashness is eradicated from our behavior.        .

d) Continuous Breathing – Uninterrupted breathing without any break .will give a regular proper blood oxygen supply to body & mind which help in continuous proper functioning. Making you a non exhaustive personality.

e) Long Breathing – Breathing end to end increase duration of time. Take Maximum time for one breath. It gives long healthy of life.



It will balance your mind & all body functions. Stability comes with rhythmic breathing.

Balance in the form of Time, Pressure & Volume. The time taken for inhalation & exhalation should be same. Pressure of air while inhalation & exhalation should be same. Volume should also be same.

Balance between slow & fast. Do not take a very slow breath so that next breath you have to take fast breath because of feeling of suffocation.

Balance between deep & shallow. Do not take a very deep breath so that next breath you have to take a shallow breathing because of suffocation again.

Balance between Long ness & shortness of breath.




Feeling of cold air while inhalation & warm air while exhalation.

Inhaled cold air gives oxygen which gives us life, vital energy, positivity, pleasantness, comfort, relaxation & ease .It is extracting powers from environment and distribute to mind & body .These powers can be used as healing powers for ailments.

Exhaled warm air contains Carbon Di-Oxide which purifies the body & mind by removing all the toxins. It also helps in eradicating, diseases and discomforts which are created by negative thoughts, evil thoughts and stress.

- Feeling of coldness of air at nose throat, chest, and abdomen while inhaling.   Feeling of warm air while exhaling.

 - Feeling on coldness on air at eyes, forehead, vertex, & occiput while inhaling with 

 extending head back. Affect whole Brain.

  - Feeling of coldness of air root of nose , to base of occiput , pituitary gland region

while  Inhalation with head down touching the sternal notch. Affect Midbrain,

 Pituitary Gland, Medula oblongata, pons, etc.

 - Feeling of cold air at throat & Cervical Spine .

 -  Feeling of coldness of air at chest, retrosternal region, Thoracic Spine with Chest


 - Feeling of coldness of air at abdomen &Lumber spine with Distension of abdomen.

 - Feeling on coldness of air with concentrating at contraction of urethra .Sacral spine.

-  Feeling of coldness of air with contraction of anus, Gluteal muscles Coccyx Spine.




Silent chanting of OM while inhalation and exhalation.



Remembering the EASHT DEV & Praying that it’s characteristics can be attained by us.

Chanting of Mantras.

Darshan of your Devi or Devta.

Concentrating on GOD, HIGHER SPIRIT, with full attention.

Enlight a lamp by mind & concentrate on it’s light.

Try to remember the best instance of your life which gave you maximum happiness.

You can rememorize any of the spiritual or natural place where you got peace and pleasantness

After completing the meditation go back by all stages in reverse order by exit steps ;-



            5-  Meditation

            4-  Meditational Breathing

            3-  Spiritual Breathing

            2-  Balanced Breathing

1-    Relaxed Breathing



 After Completing the SUDARSHAN CHAKRA MEDITATION., the whole body & mind will attain a long lasting pleasant mind & healthy body.