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Yoga Overview

Yoga Overview

Yoga means to unite our spirit to the higher spirit while living .

yoga is to unite our BODY BY MIND VIA BREATHING 

YOGA originated from SHIVA & who gave it’s knowledge to other Davis & Devtas. When Knowledge of yoga reached to Maharishi Patanjali, he wrote & confined the details of Yoga in the form of YOGDARSHAN. The Sanskrit word yoga meaning is "joining", "uniting", "union", "conjunction" of Physical , mental & spiritual level of body , mind & spirit. Someone who practices yoga is called a Yogi. ‘Yog is the merger of individual soul to Divine.The means or kriyas adapted to reach this ultimate goal are called as yog sadhna. This yog sadhna enables one to know the self and finally blend in to ultimate. This realization ensures liberation from all kind of sorrows and stay in eternal bliss -- beyond life and death.

Practically speaking, yog aims at balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions. Yog works at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels all together. Balance gained through yog sadhna is experienced at different organs, muscles and nerves because it brings the different functions into perfect coordination. The same is the case with mental and emotional levels.

Everyday life lead the man to stress, tension and fear resulting in to phobia and neuroses etc. Therapeutic yog develops awareness of the inter relation among the physical, mental and emotional levels and takeaway from darkness of vices, pains, sufferings, worries and sorrows and decorates him with the bright day light of positive thinking, divine living, paramount joy and blissful state of mind. It is an easy, sure and the only way to overcome the mental impurities that lead an individual to physical impurities in form of sickness. It is already established that the man peaceful, positive, transparent and delighted at mind always stays healthy and has got no reason to suffer from complicated ailments.

Yoga is to unite the physical movement exercises with mind via breathing to achieve the goal of purifying body & spirit.